USMS Seized Vehicle - 2005 Ford F-150

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USMS Seized Vehicle

2005 Ford F-150

Location: Buffalo, New York

VIN: unlisted

Mileage: 312,820


Vehicle Description:

2005 Ford F-150, Crew Cab XLT 4WD 5.4L, V8; Color: White; Operable: NO; Keys: YES, Automatic Transmission; Power windows, doors and brakes; A/C; 4 Doors; Leather bucket bench seats; Power sunroof: Broken; Pioneer Mixtrax aftermarket radio with CD Player; Front and Rear Carpet, Front and Rear Seat: Stained; Door Panels: Dirty; Ragtop convertible; DCENTI D9000 tires on aftermarket DCENTI rims; 2 of passenger tires shot off rim; Some of vehicle parts are in the truck; Vehicle is not operable and will need to be towed to its destination. Vehicle is in poor condition.

The Condition of the property is not warranted.