Scrap Dealers Only * 2008 Toyota Sienna

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2008 Toyota Sienna LE, Operable: NO; Keys: YES; Automatic Transmission; Power windows, doors and breaks; A/C: YES; 4 Doors; Leather interior; Front dashboard including speaker cover and radio face were taken apart due to law enforcement search and removal of concealed compartment; DeFinity HP100 215/65R16 tires on regular rims; Driver side rear door and panel damaged; Passenger side rear panel dented; Regular wear and tear. Vehicle in poor condition.

The condition of the property is not warranted.  

The vehicle will only be sold to Certified Scrap/Salvage Dealers and a copy of a state-issued Certification must be submitted to the vendor prior to bidding on this asset, no exceptions.

The Bid increments on the item is $25.00