2007 Lincoln Navigator

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2007 Lincoln Navigator, Utility 4D 5.4L, V8; Color: Blue; Operable: YES; Keys: YES; Automatic Transmission; Power seats, windows, and doors; A/C; 4 Doors; Interior Seats: Leather; Front seat leather is torn/cut; Power Sunroof; Factory-installed radio with CD player; Heated Seats; Navigation System; Front and Rear Carpet: Stained; Toyo Open Country P245/65R18 tires on regular rims; Interior in poor condition; a Metal piece to hold the front hood is missing; Rear passenger door handle is broken; Damage to rear bumper; Scratches and dents exist all over the vehicle; Rear shocks are damaged. Airbag light is on. The vehicle is in poor condition.

The Condition of the property is not warranted.


2007 Lincoln Navigator

Location: Buffalo, New York

VIN: unlisted (request of VIN# shall be forwarded to: beata.hosking@usdoj.gov)

Mileage: 198,990 Miles

The Bid increments on the item is $25.00